Tricon is going Green!

At Tricon Group Inc., we have made it our top priority to become more environmentally friendly by creating and implementing #TriconGreen

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Salt Usage

During the winter season, Property Maintenance companies use massive amounts of salt to get rid of ice that poses a safety hazard to customers, employees, and the public. However, not only can excess salt usage be extremely wasteful, but it can be detrimental to the plants and soil in the surrounding areas. You can visibly see salt damage through the browning of plants, trees, and the leaves nearby; the brown effect is the death caused by sodium that was absorbed after salt was thrown down. To put it in perspective, one teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water. Overall, the US uses an average of 23 million metric tons of road salt, most of which will end up in our water.

At Tricon, we have worked on reducing our environmental impact through careful practices and conscious efforts to continually make safer choices. Not only does this help to reduce salt usage for our customers by 25%, but it also reduces the environmental impact. We use better equipment and more effective decisions, and we are committed to Salt Reduction practices that prioritize safety while mitigating salt usage. Other companies oversalt to prevent people from slipping and falling because it can be a liability. And while it is important to keep your property safe and salted, Tricon Group has proven that you don’t need more to get the results you’re looking for.

By creating more sustainable ways to maintain a property, we can simultaneously invest not only in your business, but in the environment as well. Creating solutions to these types of problems can help us become more at ease knowing we are not adding pollution and continuing to harm the earth. We only have one planet, and we need to keep it as safe and clean as possible. #TriconGreen represents the initiative that will lead to more sustainable and appropriate ways to a treat a property, and ways that keep Mother Nature in mind.

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